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Explore is an inspiring outdoor media brand with 40 years of heritage.

At the heart of our brand, you’ll find explore magazine—an award-winning print publication devoted to informative storytelling set in the Canadian outdoors. With more than 200 media awards and nominations since inception, as well as companion multimedia outlets—a highly-ranked website, social media with more than 200,000 followers, an engaging podcast, a powerful email newsletter and an entertaining YouTube channel—explore maintains top status as the go-to resource for Canadian outdoor enthusiasts.

Beyond media, Explore produces one of North America’s most sought-after outdoor gear subscription boxes: the Live the Adventure Club. Delivered quarterly, this editor-curated collection of outdoor equipment offers outstanding value and fosters a devoted community of engaged members under the aspirational mission to #LiveTheAdventure.

Together, the media and retail wings of Explore combine to create an ecosystem of quality storytelling and retail products that educates, entertains and equips a vibrant and diverse community to get active, appreciate our natural spaces and Live the Adventure every day.

Canada's best-read outdoor adventure magazine

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Founded in 1981, explore is the award-winning national outdoor lifestyle magazine that delivers the information and inspiration that active outdoor-loving Canadians want—or more accurately, can’t do without. We reveal the destinations that crank up our readers’ heart rates long before they can actually lace up their trail runners, pick up a paddle or jump on their bikes. We also give our readers the straight goods on the latest gear on the market. And we highlight the events from coast-to-coast-to-coast that will keep them stoked all year long.

In every issue, we also take readers along as our greatest adventurers travel to the most remote corners of Canada and beyond. And we send some of Canada’s best writers and photographers to capture the highs, the lows and, yup, the laughs that are part of the outdoor-adventure experience.

Since 2001, explore has been nominated for 190 Magazine Awards, with more than 50 wins.



  • 87% of readers have been inspired to take a trip or buy a product from our magazines. 
  • More than 60% of our readers enjoy the scheduled eNewsletters. 
  • 98% feel our magazines are a trusted source of information. 
  • More than 50% feel the online version is important. 


  • 4 times per year


When it comes to outdoor adventure, explore-mag.com delivers the goods so readers can enjoy Canada’s very best outdoor experiences. Explore readers and web visitors know that our award-winning content is the starting point for inspiration and action. Our online presence continues to organically grow—be a part of our authentic community. 

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A three-times weekly adrenaline rush with Explore’s Live the Adventure newsletter. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday our eNews delivers inspiring and useful tips that get our readers’ hearts pumping and minds exploring in Canada and beyond. 


Explore's "Live the Adventure Club" is a curated subscription box of quality adventure gear delivered quarterly to thousands of active outdoor enthusiasts. 

Each Season LTA Subscribers Receive: 

• 4 to 8 pieces of outdoors gear. 

• Latest issue of Explore Magazine. 

• Challenges to motivate members to use the gear. 

• Private forum membership with prizes and webinars. 


David Webb  | Head of Publishing & Editor-in-Chief of Explore Magazine

davewebbheadshotDavid Webb is the Head of Publishing at MPM Group of Brands, editor-in-chief of Explore Magazine, curator and brand manager of the subscription gear box and host of Explore's "Live the Adventure Podcast."

He is an outdoor adventure expert and an engaging writer with hundreds of bylines to his name, in multiple medias, and on topics ranging from outdoor adventure, to international travel, to local culture, to current events and more.  

Webb has been recognized at the National Magazine Awards (4x), Explore Canada Awards of Excellence (3x), Western Magazine Awards, IRMA Awards (6x) and the Canadian Newsstand Marketing Awards (3x).




Alison Karlene Hodgins  | Online/Managing Editor & Community Manager

HodginsAlison is the Managing Editor for Canadian Traveller and the Online Editor/Community Manager for Explore Magazine. As a freelance writer, she has been published by The Globe and Mail, HI Hostels, Cottage Life, World Nomads and The Huffington Post.

Alison holds a Writing and Publishing Diploma, a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction.

You can find her on the top of a mountain, reading travel literature on the beach or sipping a coffee in a quirky cafe, especially if there's a band with a banjo playing. She is passionate about ethical tourism, outdoor adventure and learning to appreciate your own backyard. 





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