Who We Are

MPM Group of Brands Inc. is a global leader in experience-based and environmental publishing. Our company's focus is inspiring people’s passions and affecting positive change by providing relevant, engaging content and quality products. 

MPM Group of Brands Inc. is redesigning the publishing landscape with titles covering print, digital, social, online, email, podcast, video and retail. Our company's cross-platform model has led to a cost-effective, profitable brand that inspires our audience’s passions. 

What makes us unique

  • We have highly engaged niche readerships who trust our content.
  • We track and guarantee results.
  • We have turnkey, proven campaigns that integrate print, online, social, email, content and video.

Our Core Values

1. We are confident but humble. 

2. We embrace change and seek out new knowledge. 

3. We are positive team members. 

4. We are accountable. 

5. We are passionately authentic.

Give us a call at 1-888-924-7524 or send us an email.