Canadian Traveller offers a Canadian perspective of how Canadians travel the world.  Canada’s 34 million people now make up the 6th largest group of international tourism spenders and we strongly feel we travel differently than the rest of the world. Our editorials are meant to stimulate the travel bug within Canadians and force us to ask the question Where Next?  Whether it be a weekend drive over the border or a three week safari in Africa, our editorial captures the essence of the Canadian experience.  Frequently within our articles are unique Canadian perspectives of a destination, speaking directly to the Canadian need to experience and explore a destination, not just ‘go’ to it.  The quarterly print and digital publication is further enhanced with daily online content designed to entertain and further stimulate Where Next?

Explore Magazine is a quarterly print and digital publication distributed through newsstands and subscriptions across Canada.  Our editorial shares other people’s adventures and their enjoyment of the life outdoors. Most Canadians may live in cities, but a lot of us live for the outdoors. So when we get the chance to get outta town for a day, a week, an entire month, we want to make the most of it. We want to know where to go, what to take and how to achieve peak results at our favourite outdoor sports. We want to be out there. is a community of writers who create amazing content geared towards helping readers either educate themselves or solve a problem. Writers can choose to either donate their earnings to charity, or build a passive income stream through a number of advertising channels. Not only do we help content producers, but we also attract visitors from all around the world with information that provides value to their daily lives. is an interactive website for individuals to discuss environment issues from green business to natural disasters. We feel it is important for people to come together and share their thoughts, ideas and visions for the future. Since inception in 2010 Environment911 has a global awareness in the environmental writing community and just recently opened to the world for contribution and readership. provides high-quality and focused editorial to animal hobbyists and professionals around the world. We are committed to achieving excellence through our promise to deliver relevant, real-world content about lifestyle, professional and rescue aspects of this animal passion. Leveraging the owners deep ties within the canine, equestrian and aquatic industries, Paw, Mane ‘N Fin is meeting the high expectations.

CT – Trade Edition is a monthly, printed magazine.  The publication is distributed via mail to the travel trade in Canada with more than 90% being Travel Agents.  The editorial is focused on destination education.  The graphics are very strong with a consumer look, feel and read.  The subscription is free to the travel trade through by-request, membership or association/trade lists.